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Specialized in web technologies, I am:

I have a real product culture, and wish to work directly inside publisher office (end customer).

My profile makes sense in shopping engines, news sites and other publishers with heavy traffic, who think speed of display and response time of web pages, measured with Firebug and Google Page Speed is an essential component of the user experience.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is one of my main monitoring fields, as well as its technological and industrial aspects grow strongly, for example in the development of SEO compliance tools (Multiprocessed crawler, ...etc.).

As such, I especially enjoy working on On-Site optimization, in improving : pages performance, compliance with recommendations on infinite scrolls and other AJAX applications, internal linking, congruity between titles / hierarchies / descriptions, sitemaps, micro formats, rel prev/next, rel author, rel publisher, rel alternate hreflang, ... etc. Relevance of my remarks is praised by SEO professionals and two certifications.

Mobile sites (Responsive Design), by their versatile and centralized design, are in my mind a better investment than an equivalent native application. My website integrates this adaptive logic, for any demonstrative purpose.

I actively participate in the open source community, including contributing to the improvement of well known products such as MySQL 5, PHP 5 or Firefox. I also help beginners on tech forums such as

My skills also value in a conceptual overhaul environment. Design UML relational schemas covering several walls, prioritize information, working with WebServices, XML files and other import flows is an experience that I enjoy.

Graphic and ergonomic fields are, without being my specialty, areas on which I can be proactive.

On the managerial plan, I hired, steered and mentored technical teams composed from 3 to 10 developers using Agile methods (Scrum).

7 years of experience

Practice makes perfect

Oriented since my childhood towards the computer tool, I accumulated a strong technical background, result of seven years of experience.

I successively held jobs as IT Manager (Chief Information Officer - CIO), Web Software Engineer, Web Project Manager, Lead Developer, Web Architect and Web IT Director (Chief Technical Officer - CTO).

I propose you today to rent my skills and experience at your service.

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